History / Mission Statement of the Electric League


Electric League 1923-2013: Celebrating 90 years

The Electric League is a non-profit regional trade association with a diverse membership of over 400 companies, including electrical engineers, manufacturers and representatives, wholesalers, utilities, inspectors, and contractors. Known as the premier trade organization in the region since 1923, the EL ties all segments of the industry together and advances the professional and business interests of all of its members.

As an umbrella organization, the EL unites its diverse members and strives to build a culture that embraces deep and lasting relationships that enhances professional possibilities. Members have immediate opportunities for professional development and networking; and access to the latest in industry news, insights, and information.


The Mission of the Electric League of Western Pennsylvania is to be the recognized leader that educates and promotes the electrical industry.

The objectives of the Electric League of Western Pennsylvania are:

1. to serve as the key organization and headquarters for the electric interests in Western PA

2. to promote the general interests of the electrical and lighting industry

3. to keep members informed of new developments in methods, materials, and markets

4. to serve the public by coordinating the efforts of all branches of the industry for the purpose of stimulating more extensive and efficient service

5. to promote mutual acquaintance and good fellowship between the members of the industry.